Mouldings are not a modern invention. the ancient greeks were the first to accent their structures with architectural wood mouldings for the sole purpose of beautification. since their first efforts, mouldings and moulding profiles have truly evolved to become important functional and decorative parts of architectural design.

Appalachian lumber believes that by combining more than one profile into a larger, more ornate moulding pattern, a house and/or room can be customized to reflect your individual personality and tastes. the possibilities for creating combinations are endless and are limited only by your imagination.

If you don't see the exact moulding you are looking for, just send us a sample, picture or drawing and we will gladly create a custom pattern that is specific to your project.

We grind our own moulding machine knives.

Over the years we have made hundreds of different custom mouldings. we would like to create one for you.

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