Glossary of Stair Parts Terms

Glossary of Stair Parts Terms

bullnose: convex rounded shape such as the front edge of a stair tread.

fascia board: on a staircase, the diagonal surface supporting the balusters.

gooseneck: the curved upper end of a stair rail.

newel: the post that supports the handrail at the bottom of a staircase; the central vertical support of a spiral staircase.

nosing: a rounded convex edge, as on a stair step.

riser: the vertical surface of a stair step.

spandrel: the triangular element in a staircase between the stringer and the baseboard.

spline: a thin strip forming a key between two boards, fitting into slots along their edges and locking them together.

split baluster: a baluster cut lengthwise and applied to a flat surface as an ornament.

stringer: a diagonal element supporting the treads and risers in a flight of stairs.

tread: the horizontal surface of a stair step.

volute: the spiral decorative element terminating the lower end of a stair rail.

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