Glossary of Moulding Terms

Glossary of Moulding Terms

angle bead: a vertical moulding protecting or decorating the projecting angle of a wall or partition.

astragal: a moulding having a half-round profile. also the strip covering the junction of a pair of doors.

backband: the outer moulding element of a door or window casing.
baguette: a simple, narrow, convex moulding.

base cap: a moulding used to trim a baseboard.

base block: the squared block terminating a moulded baseboard at a doorway; a plinth block.

baseboard: the moulding that conceals the joint between floor and wall. called a skirt board when it slants upward along a staircase.

bead: a narrow half-round moulding, continuous or divided into beadlike forms. also a wooden strip with one moulded edge against which a window sash slides or a door closes.

billet: a moulding made up of several bans of raised cylinders or rectangular segments. 

cable moulding: a moulding carved spirally to resemble a rope or cable.

casing: a moulding placed to cover the joint between a door jamb and a wall.

chair rail: a moulding applied along a wall for protection against chair backs, or as a design element between wall treatments such as paneling, wallpaper or paint.

coffer: a sunken, decorative panel in a ceiling.

corbel: a supporting projection on the face of a wall; a short horizontal timber supporting a girder.

cornice: a finishing detail along the top edge of a piece of furniture or a building. also a frame, often upholstered, above drapery.

cove moulding: a moulding that features a quarter-round channel along the face, and a square back.

crown moulding: the decorative molding that conceals the joint between the wall and ceiling.

dentil moulding: a moulding composed of a series of small, rectangular blocks.

dovetail moulding: a moulding carved with interlocked triangles.

fillet: a thin, flat moulding used to separate or decorate larger mouldings.

flute: one of a series of parallel, lengthwise channels or grooves in a column, cornice moulding, band or furniture leg.

inlay: a surface decoration composed of small pieces of contrasting woods or other materials set flush with a wooden surface.

lattice: a thin, flat moulding, rectangular in cross-section, used to build decorative screening or conceal joinery.

mantel:  all of the work or facing around a fireplace. a shelf mantel is typically made of cornice moulding with a solid top and bottom, which is mounted over a firebox opening. a full surround mantel consists of a shelf mantel, and a surround, which is made up of a breastplate and pilaster legs. the full surround completely encloses the firebox opening.

millwork:  products produced in a mill for the construction industry. it is usually applied to products used as a member of the structures that are made of wood and/or synthetic materials. includes mouldings, door frames and entrances, blinds and shutters, sash and window units, doors, stair work, kitchen cabinets, mantels, china or corner cabinets and porch work; woodwork.

moisture content :  the amount of water, usually expressed as a percentage of the weight of oven-dry wood, contained in wood; obtained by one or two methods, namely (1) oven drying or (2) electric moisture meter.

a triangular ornament above a cornice.

pediment, broken: a pediment interrupted at the top by a central gap filled by a vase or other ornament of a pedestal.

pilaster: a fluted or carved, flat, decorative column attached to a building or furniture.

quarter round: a moulding with a convex, quarter-cylindrical shape.

reed, reeding: moulding (or surface) made up of closely-spaced, parallel half-round convex profiles.

rope moulding: a moulding carved to simulate the twisted strands of cordage.

rosette:  decorative moulding used with casing to eliminate need for a miter cut.

shoe moulding: a small moulding with a concave channel and a square back.

wainscott:  a lower interior wall surface (usually extending three to four feet up from the floor) that contrasts with the wall surface above it. wainscott can be decorative or protective. the term originally referred to quartered oak, then to boarding or paneling made of it, then to sheathing or lining for walls.

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