Glossary of Flooring Terms

Glossary of Flooring Terms

floor joists: parallel floor framing members that support the sub floor, underlayment and flooring. joists are supported by larger beams, girders or bearing walls.

floor plan: floor layout of house or building.

hardwood: one of the botanical groups of trees that has broad leaves in contrast to the needle-like leaves of the conifers or softwoods; hardwoods are (1) deciduous (shed their leaves in the fall or at end of each growing season), (2) have shorter length wood fibers than softwoods, (3) contain cells (vessels) of relatively large diameters (in addition to the wood fibers) and (4) have seeds enclosed by an ovary.

kiln dried: wood seasoned in a kiln by means of artificial heat, humidity and circulation; "kiln dried" wood may refer to wood with various moisture content percentages.

lineal foot: having length only; used in designating quantities of mouldings, boards, etc. (i.e. linear foot, or running foot; "lineal" usually designates non-specified lengths).

moisture content : the amount of water, usually expressed as a percentage of the weight of oven-dry wood, contained in wood; obtained by one or two methods, namely (1) oven drying or (2) electric moisture meter.

particleboard: a formed panel consisting of particles of wood flakes, shavings, slivers, etc., bonded together with a synthetic resin or other added binder; the particles are classified by size, dried to a uniform moisture content, mixed with binder, mat-formed, compressed to density and then cured under controlled heat and pressure.

plywood: a cross banded assembly of layers of veneer or veneer in combination with a lumber core or plies joined with an adhesive; the grain of the adjoining veneer or plies is approximately at right angles; an odd number of plies is generally used. two primary types of plywood are recognized, "veneer plywood" (layers of veneers only) and "lumber core" plywood (lumber core with veneers or plies bonded to it).

softwood: one of the botanical groups of trees that has persistent needlelike or scale like leaves; softwoods are evergreen (only three important native species being deciduous), have longer length fibers than hardwoods, do not contain vessels and have seeds naked; also known as "cone bearers" or "conifers".

sub-flooring: the first layer of oriented strand board, plywood or planks laid over floor joists.

take off: figure price and specs of materials for home or building from the blueprints or plans of the project.

tongue and groove joint: a joint formed by the insertion of the "tongue" of one wood member into the "groove" of the other; modifications include tongue and groove rabbet joint, dado tongue and rabbet, tongued shoulder joint, dado and rabbet joint, dado and lip joint.

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